What Are 4 The Steps In Architecture?

What Are 4 The Steps In Architecture?

The design process, process begins with a sketch of the intended structure. The sketch is then refined through a series of decisions concerning method and detail. During this phase, the minutiae of the project take on greater significance. Architects spend considerable time researching products, finishes, and materials for their projects. This information is used to produce a final design that meets all the requirements of the client. Throughout the design process, the architecture company in UAE must follow a set of rules to ensure the building meets all safety standards.

Schematic design:

The schematic design phase of the architectural design process begins with programming and acquiring ideas for the project. This process is collaborative, as the architect will try to understand the vision of the owner. During this stage, the owner may present the architect with some rough sketches or the basic layout of the room so that the team can get a better sense of what the client wants. The team will discuss the project’s goals and scope and come up with preliminary drawings, such as site plans, floor plans, elevations, and digital models.

Contract documents:

As with any other business deal, a successful project begins with the signing of a written agreement. This agreement is essential for any project, and small firms working with inexperienced clients should be especially careful in this regard. It acts as both a proposal and a contract between the architect and the client.


The process of architectural bidding consists of four major steps: selecting the contractor, compiling bid packages, and signing contracts. The architect is responsible for facilitating each step of the process. The owner is not expected to understand the construction process, nor are they exposed to it. In addition, the architect assists in the process and may suggest a specific contractor to the client. After selecting the contractor, the architect works with the contractor to answer any questions and provide additional documentation needed to build the project.

Contract administration:

As a member of the project team, you’ve likely had to negotiate a contract. However, you might not have understood how to oversee construction. Contract administration involves overseeing the project process to ensure that the construction team follows the design plans. The architect can also pay site visits to make sure that the construction team is performing as it should.

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