Why Ceramic Window Tints Are The Best

Why Ceramic Window Tints Are The Best

Aside from blocking glare, UV rays, and infrared light, ceramic tints in Dubai also offer other advantages, such as a longer lifespan and reduced energy bills. Read on to discover the benefits of these tints. You’ll be glad you did. Read on to discover what makes ceramic window tints the best!

Has a longer lifespan

The longer the lifetime of a window tint, the more expensive it is. Most tints last a couple of years, but some fade away over time. Exposure to sunlight and heat can weaken tint film adhesives and create bubbles underneath them. Luckily, several high-end films have a longer life. Moreover, a professional installation will extend the life of a tint.

Blocks infrared light

Ceramic window tints are made of microscopic ceramic particles. Because of their unique makeup, they block nearly 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays that can harm your health. Additionally, they block heat and UV glare while improving cell phone signal strength and reducing the amount of heat that enters your car. Ceramic window tints also feature a hard coating made of nano-ceramic particles, which give them extra strength and reduce the chance of scratching.

Reduces glare

There are many reasons to use a window tint, and the ceramic film is no exception. Not only does this type of tint reduce glare, but it also offers other benefits. For instance, ceramic window film blocks 97% of UV rays, which is much better than metal and plastic window tint. Additionally, the ceramic film doesn’t heat up like other types of tint, which makes it a more comfortable option. And, it is better than any other type of window glass in terms of protecting your eyes.

Blocks UV rays

When it comes to UV protection, there are two types of window tint: standard and ceramic. Both block 99% of UV rays and block heat. The former is better at blocking rays than the latter. However, ceramic window tints tend to be more expensive than their dyed counterparts. While they offer the same UV protection, ceramic is also better at blocking infrared light and offering more aesthetic benefits. Ceramic film is made of multiple layers to reflect sunrays away from the window.

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