The Best Things To Know About Musandam Tours

The Best Things To Know About Musandam Tours

The Best Things To Know About Musandam Tours

One of the Omani peninsula’s most popular day trips from Dubai is the Musandam Governorate. A dhow cruise through its mountains, pristine waters, and picturesque landscapes is an excellent way to see this stunning region. You can even get lost in the area’s quaint alleyways and ruins. Learn more about Oman Musandam tours in this article! We’ll also cover the best times to visit Musandam, including when to take a dhow cruise.

Musandam is a mountainous Omani peninsula

Located in the extreme north of Oman, the Musandam peninsula is one of the most stunning areas of the Sultanate. During the last glacial period, the Musandam peninsula rose by more than 100 meters, submerging a large number of wadis. Because of this, the region has been nicknamed “the Norway of the Gulf.” The name is derived from the Omani word Musandam, which means “anvil”.

It is a day trip from Dubai

If you are looking for an adventure-filled and authentic Oman holiday, a trip to Musandam is a must-do. This region of the Sultanate is more remote than other parts of the UAE and is a perfect gateway to Oman’s natural beauty. Enjoy a full-day dhow cruise, snorkeling, and a banana boat ride in this scenic area. Afterward, take a speedboat safari and dine at an upscale hotel. Explore the stunning scenery, Limestone Mountains, and wildlife from a traditional Dhow cruise.

It includes a dhow cruise

The Dhow cruise on the Musandam tour is a great way to experience the fjords and turquoise waters of the Musandam region. You can also see dolphins and other species of sea life while cruising in the Musandam waters. If you have time, you can even go snorkeling if you’d like. You’ll be treated to an amazing lunch and snorkeling tour at the end of the day.

It is a great place to get lost

The Shehi is native to the Musandam peninsula and lives primarily in the villages. They migrate to the mountains during winter and to Khasab during summer. Because they live in such harsh conditions, they often go crazy. The sweltering heat and dryness are similar to those found on Saint Helena but much smaller. In addition, every man stationed at the outpost went insane.

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